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Employee Data Demo

This is a database front end demo, for managing Employees. (Username: "guest", Password: "password")

Website > Employee Data

User Information

Here's some server side code that retrieves information about your request

Ring Clock

The outer ring represents the minutes. The inner ring represents the hour. Java is required for this app.

Java Web Start > Ring Clock

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Created a credit card manager application. This is a Java application. So, you will need to install Java.

Java Web Start > EWallet

Instructions: Show Hide - Technology

Currently working on this project. Just a technology site to promote some hardware that I think is cool.

Website >

Expressions - Wordpress


This WP site I created is an attempt to explore life in Ireland from a Catholic perspective.

Website > Expressions

Adventure - Dashboard

Created a dashboard to run a collection of Java web application utilities.

Oracle Merchandise

My girl gave me a new Oracle shirt for Christmas. Have to be carefull not to get spaghetti sauce on it!

Website > Oracle Merchandise

iJuk - Window Frame Demo

Here's an unfinished Adobe Flash demo I put together. Its just a window, with an animated wing panel.