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Social Meida Visor

Working on a visor for social media icons

New Window Frame

Experimenting with a new window frame

Donations Welcome

Donate 10€ now? Credit cards accepted!

Contact Aubreigo

Heres my own contact card form implementation


Created a website for Caroline Geraghty. She is a professional singer and musician

Employee Database

This is a 2-tiered web-app demo (Username: "guest", Password: "password")

Website > Employee Database

User Information

Here I used some server side code to retrieve information about you

Ring Clock

The outer ring represents the minutes. The inner ring represents the hour. Java is required.

Java Web Start > Ring Clock

Instructions: Show Hide


Created a credit card manager application. You will need to install Java to run it.

Java Web Start > EWallet

Instructions: Show Hide

Chrome -

This is a Google Chrome browser app to promote some great hardware.

Chrome Web Store >

Adventure - Dashboard

Created a dashboard to run a collection of Java web application utilities.