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Gangland Shirts

Authentic inner city Gangland Tee's

Conky Sunny

Conky is a system monitor for Linux.
This theme displays: cpu, ram, disk & music.

Download >
Conky Sunny Theme

Best Crisps Comparison

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UI Design

Working hard on UI Design

JavaFX Audio Player

Java FX app that will playback mp3
( & other music ) files.

Instructions: Show Hide

JavaFX - People

Java FX app that connects to Google, and displays all your contact data.

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Content Channel

Experimental content channel. Currently it provides music video.

Website >

HPE Wallpapers

I created some new Hewlett Packard Enterprise wallpapers

Social Media Visor

Working on a visor for social media icons

New Window Frame

Experimenting with a new window frame

Donations Welcome

Support your favorite artists - Donate what you can afford

Contact Aubreigo

Heres my own contact card form implementation

User Information

Here I used some server side code to retrieve information about you

Ring Clock

The outer ring represents the minutes. The inner ring represents the hour. Java is required.

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Created a credit card manager application.
You will need to install Java to run it.

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Chrome - Splashportal

This is a Google Chrome app to promote some great hardware.

Chrome Web Store >

Adventure - Dashboard

Created a dashboard to run a collection of Java web application utilities.

iJuk - Window Frame Demo

Here's an unfinished Adobe Flash demo. Its just a window, with an animated wing panel.

Scratch Card

Here's a free scratch card. "You're just another winner!" Again you will need Java.

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Knight Rider

Captures voice and converts it to a Wikipedia lookup. Then it speaks back to you.

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Aubrey GTK2 Theme

GTK2 theme + Elementary icons by Dan Rabbit. Requires Murrine & XFCE theme engines

Download > Aubrey_GTK2

Web Design Service

Site to offer my web design services. Prices start at €720 for a basic project.

Website >

RYU Ending

Everyone used to play this game.
Finish it on one credit. Or fight against another challenger one on one.


Welcome to my new developer blog.
My name is Aubreigo.

I am an Irish Male Catholic National, living in Longford Ireland.

I made this site to display my front-end design skills. And I hope you like the content here.

I try to keep this page up to date and well maintained. All of the links are 100% last I checked.

Thank you for visiting.