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JavaFX Audio Player

Java FX app that will playback mp3 ( & other music ) files.

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JavaFX - People

Java FX app that connects to Google, and displays all your contact data.

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Content Channel

Experimental content channel. Currently it provides music video.

Website >

HPE Wallpapers

I created some new Hewlett Packard Enterprise wallpapers

Social Meida Visor

Working on a visor for social media icons

New Window Frame

Experimenting with a new window frame

Contact Aubreigo

Heres my own contact card form implementation

User Information

Here I used some server side code to retrieve information about you

Ring Clock

The outer ring represents the minutes. The inner ring represents the hour. Java is required.

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Created a credit card manager application. You will need to install Java to run it.

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Chrome - splashportal

This is a Google Chrome app to promote some great hardware.

Chrome Web Store >

Adventure - Dashboard

Created a dashboard to run a collection of Java web application utilities.

iJuk - Window Frame Demo

Here's an unfinished Adobe Flash demo. Its just a window, with an animated wing panel.

Scratch Card

Here's a free scratch card. "You're just another winner!" Again you will need Java.

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Knight Rider

Captures voice and converts it to a Wikipedia lookup. Then it speaks back to you.

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Aubrey GTK2 Theme

GTK2 theme + Elementary icons by Dan Rabbit. Requires Murrine & XFCE theme engines

Download > Aubrey_GTK2

Web Design Service

Site to offer my web design services. Prices start at €720 for a basic project.

Website >

RYU Ending

Everyone used to play this game. Finish it on one credit. Or fight against another challenger.


Welcome to my new developer blog. My name is Aubreigo.